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The power of words 


Marlotte is a parisian brand, created in 2016, with a specific wish : to express a desire or a thought on their personality. This is the way the brand wants to follow : the woman, whether blonde, brown or red, small or large, short or tall, every woman is unique. Each woman has her own DNA, a different personality, thoughts, desires, which can change every day.

#THE MAIN IDEA : You decide !

Sarting with a single product, the panties, that every women wear. Three classic cuts that suit all body types suit all women. Four different colors, and an embroidered personalized message. It was with these requirements that I was created, me, Marlotte, your new favorite panties!

My particularity? Everyone can express a desire, a through with an embroidered message a little hidden. You are unique, no imposed messages, that’s why I let you completely decide what you want to embroider. I propose some messagesinspired by your desires. Thanks to you, I feed and evolve.

My wish? To give you the possibility to be a consum’actor of your own clothes by involving you in their creation and personalization.


… Or must survivre !

Over the years, more and more machines are being used. Sometime it can be useful: less waiting, time saving, little unexpected… Moreover, there are trades, where woman and man are irrevocable and irreplaceable.

In the craft trades, the human is essential. They favor the individual rather than the mass and that act for someone rather than for how much.

So this is my mission: bring together, customers and craftsmen, so that together you continue to exist: firstly for your singularity, and on the other hand for your art and craft. All my embroidery is and will continue to be done by hand with love in our small Parisian workshop.





Simplicity and quality is my way for the development of my clothing line (today is only panties, but tomorrow …?;)). Fine materials : Italian silk and cotton jersey, Calais lace and timeless cuts. The embroidery is added as a jewel that would complete a chic and trendy outfit. With which you can give a touch of eccentricity to assert your personality! My embroiderers realize all yours requests, from the most classic to the most absurd. No taboos, just lightness to let you express yourself freely and take life with humor!

If you want to discover the art of embroidery, may you’ve got a hidden talent? Or just learn how to customize your clothes? Take part in my embroidery workshops organized all over the year in many cities of France!