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Blue navy Bloomer

My little bloomer  made of silk and sublimated by knots in calais lace, adapts to all buttocks from the smallest to the most fleshy.

This adorable model goes very well summer and winter under casual outfits or simply at home, with a little top, for quiet days to stroll.

Broderie French Touch

Here, "French touch" embroidery is made on the back of the Bloomer with gold plated wire.

Broderie Limited Edition

Here, Limited Edition embroidery is made on the back of the Bloomer with silver plated wire.

#limitededition #imperfectbutunique #theoneiwant #theoneilove

Broderie Keep Calm

Here, the "Keep calm" embroidery is made on the back of the Bloomer with light pink cotton thread.

#keepcalm #imtheboss

Broderie Wake me up

The embroidery "Wake me up" is made in cotton threads from light blue to turquoise blue, creating a degraded effect.

Broderie Surfeuse

Navy Bloomer "Surfeuse" embroidered with light blue cotton thread and its drawing surfboard in shine blue.

Broderie Namaste

Blue navy bloomer embroidered in gold metallic thread "Namaste" and its drawing in red cotton thread and gold metallic thread.



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Additional Information

How to take care of myself?

Make me lather in a small bath of cool water and I will be your ally for several years! If you are in a hurry, you can also wash me in machine but never above 30 °.

When and how to wear me ?

With or without my lace knots, you can choose to tie them or let them hang on the side depending on the occasion and the style desired.

Despite my ruffled look, I do not make big brands under the pants but prefer to be worn under a skirt or a dress. I also like to be worn alone to stroll.

Additional Information

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Size 0 – 34, Size 1 – 36, Size 2 – 38, Size 3 – 40, Size 4 – 42

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