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The know-how


My confection

I am produced in a factory in Romania which combines respect for the human and high quality product requirement.


My fabrics

All my fabrics come exclusively from France and Italy. I select my suppliers with the utmost attention, these companies are subject to incomparable excellence and know-how.
My laces of Calais elegant and light give me a sublime fall and a range.
My cotton jersey is produced in Italy, its softness and comfort make me charming and very pleasant to wear.
As for my silk it also comes from Italy, I specially chose it for its delicacy and refinement that sublimate my models.


My embroidery

My embroidery is my huge advantage, the unic know-how that makes the link between you and me.
It is made entirely by hand. My embroiderer works with great prestigious houses.
She traces the typography by hand and then uses a handcrafted Indian hook and a needle to embroider at the chain stitch. Metallized wires, cotton threads, pearls, sequins, she makes the best use of all her treasures to enhance my best assets.
My embroidery makes me always prettier and it allows you to express yourself!